Wine Spirit Women is an Irish based networking group set up to help women advance in the drinks industry, it has been established by industry professionals, Justine McGovern and Lynne Coyle.

At the core of our ethos is the creation of a positive networking group where we can share experiences, mentor and inspire each other.

We welcome women of all ages, whether working full-time or part-time in the industry, still studying or just staring out on your drinks industry career. 


Future plans for a Wine Spirit Women advocacy are underway, focusing on the future of women in the drinks industry, supporting gender diverse workplaces and ultimately gender equality. 


As an inclusive group, we welcome men to join us. Networking and connections are vital to our growth and members advancement, and we believe that like minded men can help foster our core values. 


We aim to be contemporary, relevant and globally connected for our members. Our first and most important purpose is to create networking opportunities for our members within our industry and  to keep up to date with current issues. 


Our members will have the

opportunity not only to influence the direction of Wine Spirit Women but also to expand their connections,

build new relationships, and share knowledge, learning and expertise

in our industry.


By learning from each other, mentoring and being mentored, by building and expanding our network together,

we can develop, grow and advance

as an industry and as individuals professionally and personally. 


Membership is open to all, but you don’t have to be a member to attend our seminars and events.

The membership fee will be used to hire venues, provide lunch and refreshments for members and secure trainers and international speakers for our seminars and events. 


Membership is open to all, the membership fee will be used to hire venues, provide lunch and refreshments for members and secure speakers for our seminars and events. 



The Membership fees will also help to fund a scholarship scheme where we will support the training of a number of students through the key industry exams.

Students &

 younger members

Membership fees will also help to sponsor a number of industry students or young peoples membership to Wine Spirit Women, including attendance at events and seminars. 


An Irish based networking organisation for women working in the drinks business in Europe.

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